Reviewed January 2020

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11 & 12 September (Mini-Reunion Weekend).

Location will be Manchester and the local lead for the event is Joe Dagnino.

Details will published Spring 2020.

UPDATE 28 April:  Despite the COVID uncertainty, Joe is continuing to plan for this event. However, the committee are keeping this under review and a decision will be made once the HMG policy becomes clear.

UPDATE 24 May:  Your committee intend that the 2020 reunion goes ahead in Manchester in whatever form is possible.  The venue and exact structure of the event will be held under review by Joe, who will advise the committee again in early August; at this time a final decision on details will be made.

Personal from Joe: 3 August


It is with a heavy heart that I inform you that I am cancelling the mini reunion this year.

My rationale for taking this difficult decision is based on the following:

* Greater Manchester is now in lockdown due to rising numbers of Covid-19 cases and will not be reviewed for a fortnight

* Some shipmates may have a 28 day cancellation period to get refunds on accommodation bookings, so they need sufficient notice to do that.

* There is a strong likelihood that the Government may close pubs to offset the reopening of schools in September.

* Most important reason for this decision is that I as organiser and your S61 Committee, have a duty of care at this most dangerous of times, to ensure that we as a vulnerable group of citizens, are not exposed to any unnecessary risk from this pandemic - I now consider Greater Manchester to pose a much higher risk of infection than ever before.

So whilst I am bitterly disappointed with this outcome, I would much rather see you all next year alive and well and enjoying a reunion in a safe and relaxed atmosphere.

Stay safe and if any of our numbers have the technical know how to organise an online meeting, perhaps we could all toast each other and absent friends on the 11th?


2 May: Army/Navy Rugby Lunch.